Mega Master Technology’s eFoam products, crosslinked polyolefin foam, have obtained the Eco Label certificate of environmental-friendly product of categories 1 , and meet the European Common Market RoHS requirements. It is produced with clean production processes with emphasis on the restraints of air, water, waste, toxicant, odor, noise and radiation reduction. eFoam, the physically crosslinked Polyolefin foam, has high weather-resistance and easy workability providing customers with the best quality and performance and effectively reducing the material and production costs.

          Foam Expansion Ratio:2 - 40

Feature of eFoam

Waterproofing, heat shielding, thermal insulation, cushioning, shock absorption, sound-proofing, damp-proofing, dew resistant and light weight, odor-free, EM-resistant, hygienic, high temperature stability, fire-proofing, electrical insulation, electrical conductivity, antistatic.

Advantages of Physical Properties inherent in eFoam

Unit eFoam(Crosslinked PO Foam material) PU Foam Material PVC Foam Material PS Foam Material
Foam Structure Closed Open Closed Closed
Crosslink Reaction Irradiation Chemical None None
Density g/cm3 0.03~0.034 0.017 0.14 0.032
Tensile strength kg/cm2 (Vertical) (Horizontal) 2.2 1.3 0.94 1.04 10.0 None
Elongation% (Vertical) (Horizontal) 150 130 179 212 111.5 None
Compression Strength kg/cm2 (25%) (50%) (75%) 0.35 0.026 0.033 0.058 0.65 1.48 2.46 3.13 5.53
Compression Set % 6.5 1.5 3.0 21.5
Aging Resistance A D B C
Chemical Resistance A C B D
Water Resistance A D B B
Sound Absorption C A C D
Heat Resistance (℃) 80 100 60 70
High-frequency Processing D B A D
Heat Processing A D B B
mold releasing agent No No Yes No
Floatability A D B A

A:Excellent ; B:Good ; C:General ; D:Poor